How to use the Cloud Clipboard feature in Windows 10


Over past decades we have seen a lot of Clipboard software which have worked across devices, saved what you copy to the cloud or in the local PC, but there hasn’t been one which works seamlessly with Windows 10.

Cloud Clipboard feature in Windows 10

While the Windows Clipboard continues to be there, starting with Windows 10 v1809, Microsoft has introduced a Cloud Clipboard which is natively integrated into Windows 10. In this post, I am sharing how you can use the Cloud Clipboard feature in Windows 10.

What is Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10

While it is simply termed as Clipboard by Microsoft, this feature works keeps a copy of the text you copy, images and keep a copy of multiple items and can retain all of them even after a restart. Apart from this, it can also Sync these copied files across devices including Windows 10 and connected Android Devices.

Enable and Customize Clipboard in Windows 10

There is nothing special you need to do except that you should enable Clipboard in Windows which is off by default. Go to Settings> System > Clipboard and turn on the toggle for Clipboard History.

How to use the Cloud Clipboard feature in Windows 10

After this, turn on the toggle for Sync across devices. Next, when you access it on any other device, you will see the same Clipboard data on any other device.

How to use Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10

To access Clipboard, press Win+V anywhere, and the clipboard will popup. To copy-paste, any of the text or image just click on it, and it will automatically appear in the editor. For images, it has to be an editor which can accept images like Paint.

You can scroll through the list, and copy anything you want. I haven’t seen any limit on how many it can retain, but as of now, there seems to be no limit. Also, if you want to keep a clipboard data even after a restart, follow these steps:

  • Hover over one of the clipboard data until it becomes a little dark.
  • Look for a PIN icon on the right side. Click on it to PIN.
  • All the data which you PIN stay even after a PC restart.

How to clear Clipboard Data

While a reboot clears all the clipboard data except for the pinned ones, you can also clear it manually.

To do so, go to Settings> System > Clipboard. Scroll a little and look for a button which says Clear Clipboard data. Press on it, and all the data will be removed. This option will not remove any pinned items.

How to use the Cloud Clipboard feature in Windows 10

Overall this feature is well done, and with support across devices and phones, its a job well-done.

Do you like this feature? What do you think Microsoft can do to further improve it. Let us know in the comments.

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