Instagram Currently Testing Out A ‘Save Draft’ Feature

Instagram is currently testing a new Save Draft feature that would allow users to save their edits and publish the post at a later time.

One of the biggest problems of Instagram is, that when users unwittingly press the back button when they are editing a photo, all the changes they have made are discarded.

This means that users would have to go through the editing process again and try to achieve what they have edited before accidentally discarding the changes.

With the new Save Draft feature, Instagram wants to fix that problem entirely. Users who already have the feature on the app have revealed that if they press the back button, a dialog box will open to warn them that the edits they have made will be discarded.

Instagram Save draft New Save Draft feature on Instagram.

Just below the warning is the new Save Draft button and the Discard button. Pressing the Save Draft button will save all of the edits made and users can open the draft of the post and continue making changes until they are satisfied to publish it at a later time.

Users will be able to view saved drafts by tapping on the camera button and tapping on “all photos” right on top of the compose window, according to The Next Web.

A user has complained that he already got the feature, but it disappeared. This indicates that the feature is in its A/B testing phase and is not yet being officially rolled out, as pointed out by TechCrunch.

The save draft feature on Instagram actually began popping up this past July, but it seems like more users are getting it this month. This may hint that Instagram is preparing to roll out the feature more widely in the near future once further testing is complete.

However, an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch that the new feature is “just an experiment” at this point. Perhaps the company is still gauging users’ response to the feature before making any official announcements.

So far, many people on Twitter have expressed positive feedback on the new experimental feature, and this may encourage Instagram to roll it out in a future update.


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