Linux Mint 18.1 Released

Cinnamon 3.2 with Vertical Panels

Linux Mint 18.1 has been released and is now available to download.

A long term support release, Linux Mint 18.1 is supported until 2021 and is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The release features updates to core Mint software, some new features, the latest Cinnamon 3.2 desktop release, and other refinements, tweaks and bug fixes.

A version that ships with the MATE 1.16 desktop is also available.

What’s New In Linux Mint 18.1

Cinnamon 3.2

Linux Mint 18.1 ships with Cinnamon 3.2.

This update to the popular desktop environment brings, among other things, the improved Cinnamon screensaver/lock screen we wrote about recently. “Redesigned and rewritten from scratch”, the screensaver is now faster and more customizable than the one it replaces.

For instance, the screensaver is now able to display music information when the screen is locked but music is still playing; it can also tell you how many missed notifications you have; and it can now inform you about the current battery charge.

Elsewhere, users also get some swish new menu animations, support for adding and arranging vertical desktop panels, improved hardware support (including support for auto-rotation on devices with accelerometers), while the sound applet is now able to control multiple media players.

App Updates

Mint’s “X” apps also see some small feature additions and/or bug fixes, including dark theme support in Xed (the text editor) and monitor blanking in Xplayer (the video player).

The Mint Update Manager now tells you the source of a pending update, and displays Kernel updates with “with more clarity than before”, a move that partly addresses a long-standing criticism of Mint.

Other Changes

The Mint Display Manager (MDM) login screen receives a set of “technical improvements”; you’ll find a stunning new set of background wallpapers; and the Banshee music player has been replaced by Rhythmbox.

For a full list of changes see this blog post.

Download Linux Mint 18.1

Linux Mint 18.1 features Cinnamon 3.2, MDM 2.0, a Linux kernel 4.4 and an Ubuntu 16.04 package base. Both 32-bit 64-bit ISO images are available to download now.

Download Linux Mint 18.1 (32-bit) Download Linux Mint 18.1 (64-bit)

Users running Linux Mint 18 will, the distro says, be able to upgrade and that they’ll provide details on the how and when it will be possible shortly.

We’re not using to covering Linux Mint releases here on this site, so do forgive us if any of the information here is repetitive or obvious.


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