iOS 13 release date and rumours: Looking to the future of Apple’s operating system

We’ll see a new version of iOS in 2019, so what kind of changes can we expect?

Apple has just released iOS 12 alongside a swathe of new devices: the iPhone XR, the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, ir Apple Watch Series 4. The new operating system is an evolution rather than a revolution, with improvements mostly coming on the performance side rather than any sweeping, radical changes.

Despite the recent release, we’re already seeing rumours about its replacement, with talk that big features and design changes have been delayed from iOS 12 so Apple could focus on performance- and bug-related issues. It looks like iOS 13 will see the most radical changes to the operating system since iOS 7.

So read on for a roundup of all the available information, rumours and news, about iOS 13.

iOS 13: Release date

Apple is very predictable with their iOS announcement and release schedule. We usually hear about the new version of iOS at their WWDC event, so expect the first announcement in June 2019. After a preview build for developers, the OS updates come to everyday consumers alongside Apple’s new iPhones are revealed at their mid-September event. So barring some dramatic changes, we’ll see iOS 13 in September 2019.

iOS 13: Features

Bloomberg contributor Mark Gurman revealed that the new iOS, which is being developed under the code-name ‘Yukon’, would feature a completely redesigned home screen. The new homescreen is said to be named ‘springboard’ and focused on the iPad, with the layout meant to enhance productivity.

The statements from Gurman, who has a strong track record with Apple leaks, also corroborate an earlier report from Axios. In that report, Axios also noted that the iOS photo-taking, sharing and editing experience would be updated, as well as in-car UI and core apps such as mail.

Assuming that interface is ported to iPhones, it would be the most radical interface change since iOS 7 all the way back in 2013.

Gurman has also confirmed that a project to provide cross-platform support between iOS 13 and macOS 10.15 is being worked on. Codenamed ‘marzipan’ at one point and originally anticipated to be a part of iOS 12, this cross-platform support would let developers design apps that work across iPhone, iPad and Mac – an exciting new development.

Improvements to Apple Pencil functionality are also likely, given that it was released three years ago. It’s due an update but as of yet, there aren’t any rumours about it.

Finally, if you’re into emojis then you could be in luck with iOS 13, which is expected to include a number of new ones. The Emoji Consortium recently released candidates for 2019, which include a yawning face, guide dogs, a flamingo and an ice cube. Apple is a member of the Unicode Working Group, meaning it’s an active member of the Emoji Consortium.

We’ll be updating this article with more rumours as we get closer to iOS 13’s release date.


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