‘Super Mario Run’ iOS Gameplay Features Competitive Mode, Customization And Real Challenges, Says Miyamoto

In an interview with IGN, Nintendo creative mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto shared a lot of new details about their first mobile game, Super Mario Run.

The heavily-anticipated iOS exclusive will feature a customizable Mushroom Kingdom, which Miyamoto elaborated upon in the interview:

“[On] the kingdom side it is really about playing the battle mode over and over again and gradually increasing the toads you have in your kingdom and then using the coins that you collect to customize it, which is a fun new element that we haven’t had in previous Mario games,” said Miyamoto.

super mario run ios Super Mario Run, coming December 2016 on iOS and iPad.

The Super Mario Run team took care to add challenges into the game while not making it inaccessible for new or younger players.

“[F]rom an overall gameplay perspective, the courses are a little bit shorter than normal because it’s really geared toward the quick play on a mobile device and the experience is one where if you’re not very good at Mario, you still get a real good sense of running through the level and reaching the flagpole at the end of the level,” said Miyamoto.

“But if you are a skilled Mario player, there is a lot in there for you to discover, and as you hone your techniques there will be areas you can get to with more coins to collect and things like that. And so that’s the main gameplay,” he said.

The competitive mode in Super Mario Run lets you pit yourself against your friends or against strangers at your skill level, whichever you prefer.

“In this game, what you’re able to do is you’re able to choose an opponent from a list of people, and you’ll see people you don’t know, players from around the world, and the people on the list will be relatively matched to your skill level. But then you’ll also see within the list the faces of people that you absolutely do know who are your friends, and so you can choose who you want to compete against,” Miyamoto said.

You can even input your friends list from Miitomo . Remember Miitomo?

The veteran team assembling Super Mario Run includes director Takashi Tezuka from the original Super Mario Bros. and map director Hideki Konno from Super Mario World, so Miyamoto sounds confident that Super Mario Run will deliver a great mobile gaming experience without compromising gameplay.

“”What I can say is for us, a big point with this game is, ‘How can we make this a game that people who aren’t good at games can play the game and enjoy it?’ But also at the same time, we’ve been making Mario games for a long time, and we know how to make them challenging. So if you’re a Mario fan, I don’t think you have to worry about that part of it,” said Miyamoto.

“I think in terms of something from a development standpoint that we’ve learned, there hasn’t been a whole lot of new discovery there other than maybe the fact that we were surprisingly happy to see how playable Mario is in a vertical video format,” he added.

Are you confident that Super Mario Run will be the same quality Nintendo experience the flagship Mario franchise is known for? Feel free to talk Super Mario Run in the comments section below.


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