Windows 10 build 14901 ISO images

Windows 10 build 14901 is out for Windows Insiders but official ISO images are not available as it is a Fast Ring build. Here is how you can get ISO images which you can use to install this build from scratch.

Win10-preview-iso At the moment of this writing, Windows 10 build 14901 was released for Fast Ring Insiders only. You can build the ISO images yourself in a few minutes.

  1. First, you need to get the ESD image file of Windows 10 build 14901. The actual links are as follows (via WzorNet):
    Download ESD image files
    Pick a file which represents the desired edition and version. For example, the file for Windows 10 build 14901 PRO x64 English is 14901.1000.160805-1700.rs_prerelease_CLIENTPRO_RET_x64fre_en-us_053d484c21764320f4a9e206b2186a6f7ca8f8fe.esd
  2. Now download the ESD Decrypter tool from here:
    Download ESD Decrypter for Windows 10 build 14901
  3. Extract the ESD Decrypter tool to any folder and put your ESD file in the same directory. Images match the build 14367, however, the instructions are applicable to Windows 10 build 14901: Windows 10 build 14367 decrypter
  4. Now right click the decrypt.cmd file and run it as administrator from the context menu. Windows 10 build 14367 decrypter run
  5. Type 1 at the command prompt to build the full ISO image: Windows 10 build 14367 decrypter started
  6. Wait for a few minutes and enjoy your ISO file! Windows 10 build 14367 decrypter started 2

That’s it. Thanks to all people who made this ESD-> ISO conversion possible.


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